Stem Cell Update November 8, 2012

Judi’s Update

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Stem Cells and Walking October 7, 2012

Looking better but still more repair needed!

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September 14, 2012

I just sent an email to my Doctors at the Stem Cell Institute. I am dealing with both positive and negative right now, but the positive is so monumental that I have no business complaining, right? I am feeling really fatigued and my walking is crappy. But when I think about what got fixed, I know that my life will be seriously prolonged. I will certainly fill you in on what comes next.

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September 12, 2012

So I know the Stem Cells are still very active in my body because my fingernails are strong like rocks and grow soooo fast.  Here is something really cool that happened yesterday:  I was on the bike, and I usually go at about 4-5 rpm.  When I started this Stem Cell journey, my average speed was 3 rpm.  Out of nowhere yesterday, this feeling came over me…I was going 7.4 rpm.  I seriously felt like I was going the speed of running!  I could feel it inside me.  I haven’t been able to run in many years, so I am really excited about this!

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August 29, 2012

So yes, the repair (to the bowels) I thought was happening IS happening.  Having to visit the restroom every day hasn’t happened for me for more than 20 years and I am still in disbelief.  I think all my Stem Cells must have migrated in this direction because  my walking is so poor and I am so tired.  But what a trade off.  The toxicity of not being able to clean out the body is horribly serious, so this is very important.  I will do everything in my power to return for another treatment and I believe the next thing to get benefit will be the walking.  The first treatment made a huge difference in my bladder and my legs became very strong, enabling me to stand for long periods of time instead of having to sit down all the time.  Obviously, this treatment has addressed another old problem.  And now, guess what is next…THE WALKING.  For the moment, I am using my cane a lot.  I hope that changes. 

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August 26, 2012

Well here we are, 2 months since I last received Stem Cells.  Let me tell what I have observed.  Last time I got Stem Cells in December 2011, I noticed that things in the…ahem…bowel department were getting better.  Honestly, it looked good but there was still room for improvement.  Well, I think the treatment in June actually furthered the repairs that were already happening and I see repair in that department.  A daily bowel movement is happening and I am thrilled and kind of surprised.  When I first applied to The Stem Cell Institute to have treatment, one of the first question the Doctor asked me was about my bowels.  This is important, because I guess it means I was quite progressed and they weren’t sure if they could help me.  The walking is still not great, at all.  If I had to make a choice at this point, I would chose the bowels because that has serious repercussions down the line.  And I still have at least 4 more months to see if I will get more repair.  I have noticed that I am slightly fatigued again, but I think I can attribute that to the heat.  I am going to start posting more often.  See you soon!

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August 16, 2012

Just a little progress update:  I am just 6 weeks out from my last Adult Stem Cell Treatment for MS.  As always, patience is the key here.  The heat is a problem, but if I stay out of it I have tons of energy.  I am getting in about 30+ minutes of exercise per day in anticipation of that big moment when I say “Hoho..this is NEW”.

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July 27, 2012 Update

Oh My Gosh…IT’S HOT!!!!      Earlier in the summer I took a little turn on the boat with family and friends.  I was having fun AND testing my heat tolerance.  It was clear that the Stem Cell Treatments had given me the ability to be in the heat to about 90 degrees.  This was and is a big victory.  Today, I pushed the envelope a little further…it is really really hot today and there I was out on the lake.  This morning the temperature was somewhere around 95, maybe a little less.  No go.  We stopped for lunch and I was having more trouble walking etc.  I have to recognize my limits.  Changes are very subtle and sometimes it is hard to be content with what is and not want more immediately.  Air Conditioning…I love you ♥

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Judi’s Video Update July 17, 2012


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Progress! July 17, 2012

Here we go…the Stem Cells have poked up their little heads and shown me my first developement!!  For many years now, it is clear that the nerves to the hip flexor muscle on my right side have been damaged.  The result of this damage is the inability to lift my right leg when walking.  This morning, and I tested it several times, I was able to lift my right leg to walk like it should.  This comes and goes, but clearly a connection is being made…a repair is in progress!!  I will keep you posted 🙂  Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

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