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I have been given a heads up that my clinic location may be changed to Panama City.  This clinic is still with ICM and is still associated with Baylor.  Just a change of location.  I will confirm this in the next few days or so.

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I am ready!

I am so ready to get to Costa Rica!  Reserved the room, getting lots of good information, making sure everyone has their passport…Hey, I’m ready to pack my bag…almost 2 months in advance!  Here is my new theme song…–43485267

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It’s a beautiful day in Arlington!  Just sent my reservation for the Apartotel Cristina.  It’s going to be home for a while.  I will have a little kitchen and a sitting area.  I had a good conversation with a wonderful woman, Shellie Simms, who came back from Costa Rica in November after having the same treatment.  She is absolutely thrilled with the changes that took place immediately and that have begun to take place over time as well.  She recommended this hotel as they are extremely helpful and informed in regards to the patients from the Institute of Cellular Medicine.  I cannot believe, I, me, started all this…put all of this into motion!!

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2nd Garage Sale

We completed the 2nd Garage Sale in 1 day and 2 hours!  The rain shut us down, but we did amazing just the same.  We were able to bring in $1055.  I want to thank my friends and family who gave so much time and energy to this event.    Gene and Nancy Kuper, Arnold, Jan and Jessie Wood, Alice and Jackie Bishop, Rose and Jerry Weaver and my family Michael, Sarah, Jessica and especially Philippe of the bad back!  Did I miss anyone?  I think I covered it!  

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