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The latest

Thank you for following my little blog!  I have just over 2 weeks to go before I leave for Panama City.  I will probably update a few more times before I get down there, but I will blog everyday when I am down there.  Thanks for being a part of this!

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What a Night!!!

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The Poker Tournament was AMAZING!!!  Thank you sincerely to Beth and Emmett for hosting the party, to Philippe for preparing the food, to Jessica for Bartending, to the whole committee, who helped with the set up and the break down, and the musicians who were amazing.  A big thank you to all of you who came out and showed all your wonderful support!  I felt an enormous amount of love!    Please check out these pics!

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May 21…News

I got word yesterday that I am now going to the clinic in Panama City.  I am actually very positive about this move.  Tomorrow night is the Poker Tournament…so much work and love has gone into this event.  I think we will have about 100 guests!  I will post pictures sometime next week.  Should be a blast.  Sincere thanks go to Emmett and Beth Hickey and everyone who helped to make this event happen!  A Bientot!

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May 16th

We are coming up on the last event…so much work has gone into this event and I want to especially thank my dear friends Beth and Emmett, who are making this happen.  I also want to say that this has been an amazing journey…we have almost achieved our goal.  When we started this adventure, $40K seemed insurmountable.  I have to admit that it seemed like such a high mountain to climb, that I was actually feeling blue!  But we are getting there, thanks to all of YOU!   Amazing!!  After this event on the 22nd of May, the true countdown begins.  Then I can begin to think about all the little details.  I will keep you posted…in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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The Latest

I talked to ICM (Institute of Cellular Medicine) this week.  It is confirmed:  I am going to Costa Rica.  As this treatment is done on an outpatient basis, I have reserved a room to make home for a month.  I made sure there is room for family or friends who would like to come down.  Just remember, this is not on the beach, but in the center of the country.  It is an hour drive to the coast (Atlantic) and probably equal distance to the Pacific coast.  I also saw pictures of some rain forest.  Thank you for following my blog!!

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The Latest News

Lynda Friedensohn just left…she left me in tears.  The kindness of the Friedensohn Family, the Feinberg Family and all the people who gave to this sale…it was phenomenal!!  The sale netted just over $600 and so our total raised to date is $29243.30!  AWESOME!!!

On another note, a dear friend, Trish San Antonio, mentioned this to me last weekend “Judi, if I had a debilitating disease like MS, and I had the opportunity to do something about it, I would move heaven and earth, do whatever it takes…we’re talking about your life here.”  Well, that’s what we are doing…sort of almost difficult to swallow my pride, but the kind of money that is needed for this treatment is not easy to put my hand on.  And time is of the essence.  This disease does not regress.  So, thank you, one and all, for your help and your kindness.  🙂

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I am grateful

Lynda and Jeff Friedensohn and their boys, Lance and Jesse, just picked up a ton of stuff that was left over from the last garage sale.  Their sale will be on Friday and Saturday of this week.  Lots of other donations have been received.  THANK YOU to the Friedensohn Family.  They will also be joined by the Feinbergs and others to help with the sale.  I am very grateful!  And thank you to everyone who donated stuff!

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