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June 2, 2010 lecoqjudi

Just taking care of all the little details before the big adventure begins.  Many of you have asked me questions about the procedure and if I will need anti rejection drugs.  I have been in touch with the Doctors at the Institute of Cell Medicine.  First, let me say that I will NOT need anti-rejection drugs, as all Stem Cells are considered adult stem cells (even the umbilical cord stem cells)  That means that all stem cells used in this procedure have been assigned a specific task in the body.  Adult stem cells do not contain the “markers” that cause rejection.  My own Adult Stem Cells will be given back to me through 2 iv’s.  The umbilical cord Stem Cells will be injected into the spine (I can take it!)…8 injections.  Intensive physical therapy happens throughout.  Yesterday, my dear friend Beth and  I, made sure I have everything for the serious exercising I am going to do.  Who else but Beth to take along on an exercise “equipment” run!


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