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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I have a free day today.  I have been taking care of  Judi…food, rest, reading…etc…

For those considering this miracle called Stem Cells, here is an important piece of advice. Be Proactive and share with the Doctors and your PT all your stuff. I have a lower back disc problem from a fall (Thank you MS) I did not talk about it this time and I am having more pain than last time. BE PROACTIVE, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. I will correct this oversight on Monday 🙂

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Here is my update for today!  Thank you for checking my blog!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Midday, and I am in the in-between time between Physical Therapy and going to the Clinic for my Intrathecal….I am getting more Stem Cells this afternoon!!  So exciting.  As usual, the physical therapy here is outstanding.  We start on the bike, then a serious session of stretching and then all the different exercises to improve balance, strengthen the core and specific to me, working on the hip flexors.  After PT, I came back to the condo and surprise, a lady was in the condo cleaning it.  I thanked her so much and then I made lunch after a short time. 

I had a really interesting conversation with the wife of a gentleman who is here getting Stem Cell Therapy.  He had a spinal cord injury 13 years ago.  This is his second visit.  My physical therapist told me that he, the patient, had some marked improvements that a physical therapist can see.  His wife is feeling hopeless, but it takes time and lots of patience.  A spinal cord injury can take 3 or 4 treatments.  The story of a pilot who was paralyzed from the waist down and is now walking after 3 treatments can be seen on the website

I will post later after I get back from the Clinic,

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April 28, 2011 Thursday

Good Morning All,

I have just returned from Physical Therapy and have the rest of the day off…YAY!!  PT was really good, we are working on the hip flexor muscles, which allow the legs to be lifted.  I have been invited to have dinner with a fellow Stem Cell patient, Lisa French, and her friends Becky and James, tonight.  

Last night I recorded a video that has great sound but the picture is distorted at times…we had a huge storm from 6PM until 10PM or 11PM.  I still like the video because it really gives good info!!

I will post later.  Hugs to everyone!

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Also, April 26th, 2011

Here is a little video update:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well here I am back in my little nest.  I have just returned from physical therapy at the BioFit Center.  My physical therapist is Dick DeLeon….He is fabulous.  I rode the bike and then he seriously stretched me.  Then we went into a special room where we worked on balance and he also evaluated my current muscle strength and where I need work.  We have decided that the hip flexors are going to be a big area of concentration…that is about lifting the legs to walk.  We will also work on balance.  Combine this with the repairing Stem Cells, and this will be a very important 2 weeks.  Dick saw me walk last year at the beginning of this whole journey. First thing he asked is “Where is your cane?”  Second thing he said “There is a BIG difference in your walking”.  VIVA LA STEM CELLS!

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Monday, April 25th, 2011

Today was the first official day at the Stem Cell Institute.  A large, and I mean large, quantity of blood was taken.  The Stem Cells are delivered in my plasma…that way there is no chance of rejection.  Last year, I fainted after the draw, but this year I handled it really well and did not even get light headed.  YAY!  I saw all the wonderful Doctors and Staff, and I even have the same driver as last time.  I feel completely at home! 

And now FRANCAISE  Au jour d’hui J’ai commencer ma duxieme traitment de cellule souche pour sclerose en plaque.  Tout va bien.  J’ai une prise de sang enorme…mais ca va!!  Les cellules souches va arriver dans ma corp avec ma “plasma”, je ne sais pas le mot en francaise.  A demain!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

So this is how the Stem Cell Institute welcomes it’s patients: We got off the plane and were met by someone holding a sign with my name on it. We were whisked through passports and customs in 10 minutes, shown to a luxurious room and offered something to drink while our suitcases were located. Then we were escorted to our driver, who took us to our condo…WOW! 

Philippe and I have just returned from grocery shopping for my 2 week stay.  Obviously, I will have to return for this or that, but the big one is done.  In the taxi, on the way back from the store, we drove through some familiar neighborhoods and I felt all sentimental…remembering the first time.  Tomorrow morning, all the serious stuff starts, and so I am going to get organized, and relax a little bit.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have arrived in Panama!!  My husband and I are staying in a condo.  A gentleman here, an Irishman, owns a business here called Consierge Services Panama.  He found us a beautiful condo that is right in line with the cost of any hotel and we have a kitchen too.  Tomorrow, we will go to the grocery store to stock the kitchen for my 2 week stay.  I will also post some pictures.  The fun stuff starts on Monday…YAY!!

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Stem Cell Scheule Week One

posted below! I promise I am not fooling around down in Panama!

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