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I am really having a tough time with the heat. Now this is a definite Multiple Sclerosis issue. I have to remind myself that things are still improved, things are still repaired from the Stem Cell Transplants. And I am only 3 months out from the last transplant and there is still time for more repairs. So the message here: Stay positive, stay strong, stay focused and hang tough!! Stay cool out there!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

So here I am dealing with the heat…106 today!  This is very hard on those of us with Multiple Sclerosis, but I am hanging in there.  Here is what is going on:  I have had a few days of extremely good walking and balance.  It comes and goes and I never know when I will have the luxury of such a day.  Obviously, there are several factors here.  One, the Stem Cells are doing their work and it is probably a process that may completely repair the damaged nerves this time or it may require another transplant to complete the job.  Second, the heat does not help the situtation and I am thinking this may be a factor.  Third, I am working, going to PT and running the house.  So I am a little tired, which is probably normal under any circumstance, much less having MS.  I look forward to giving you more updates as I have them!  Thank you for following along!  Judi

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A VERY IMPORTANT STEM CELL DEVELOPeMENT: My balance and walking are so good today that I am kind of shocked and choked up at the same time. My physical therapist said everything has improved overnight. My daughter and her roommate saw it with their own eyes at Subway. I even was able to take some stairs much easier. I think the stem cells have truly begun to work their magic!!

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