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Monday, August 22, 2011

Last day of PT & now I’m on my own. I have got this! I have the treadmill, weights, exercise ball, bike, eliptycal (or however you spell that), bands…totally equipped…Now it is up to me to make it happen. You know, I have to remember that I also made the Stem Cell Treatments happen in the first place…this is a piece of cake. You may have to drag me to the exercise room kicking and screaming….

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Monday, August 8, 2011

I am nearing the end of my formal physical therapy after this 2nd treatment.  I have just 5 more sessions.  I am definitely walking better, although it is not perfect!  Today, after exercise session, I was pretty tired and my legs seemed like they wouldn’t carry me very well to walk to my car.  But I got started on the 10 minute walk and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was walkng really well.  I walked this stretch, a long hallway full of windows, and I walked pretty darn good.  As a rule, this hallway is so hard.  So let me put this into perspective…here is what I have gained, so far, from this Stem Cell Treatment:  I can rise from a chair easily and my walking and balance have improved.

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