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Thursday, September 29, 2011

This will probably come up as a Note because I have something to say that will never fit on a Status Update. I want to be completely up front about Judi, Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cells. I am a champion for Stem Cells because they have changed my life with repairs to old damage. THEY HAVE NOT CURED THIS CRAPPY DISEASE. This past month or so has been quite challenging for me emotionally, ment…ally and physically…and I am paying for it. MS has reared it’s ugly little head. All the repairs are still holding. If you have seen me recently and would like to ask me about my walking or other issues, do not be shy. Just private message me and I will share with you the exact things I am talking about. Some of you saw me today at services and I know I am not at my best right now. Thank you Sherwin Rubin and Barry Goldfarb for your hand as I came down from the Bimah. I am so grateful for the love and support of my Beth Shalom family. I want to be totally honest about my Stem Cell journey. With that in mind, please feel free to contact me. Stem Cells are the future of medicine. Stem Cells will someday cure this monster. Stay Strong 🙂

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The Stem Cell Effect; Personal Reflections

The Stem Cell Effect; Personal Reflections.

About 2 weeks ago, life threw me some curveballs: I sprained my ankle quite badly, my daughter had some serious medical issues. We spent a lot of time at the hospital. The ankle is much better and my daughter is on the mend. Before my 1st Stem Cell Transplant, all this would have totally put me out of commission. I am dead serious, this would have been BAD.

I handled everything just like the “old” Judi. I was present, I was walking (even with the bad ankle), I even stayed up for almost 48 hours at the hospital. Yesterday, I walked for 3 hours in different stores…life goes on. Was my walking pretty? No, it stunk. Before the first transplant in June 2010, I could not stand on my legs longer than a few minutes. I walked for 3 hours yesterday!!!! Reminder to self: I AM BETTER. I plan to return for another transplant to make further repairs to this walking. PLEASE TELL ME MY FRIENDS, WHAT HOPE WAS THERE FOR SOMEONE WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 10 YEARS AGO? While I wait for a cure that WILL come, I will continue to use Stem Cells as my therapy. I will go to the ends of the earth to make this possible. And I will continue to tell my story. Maybe one day, I won’t have to go to the ends of the earth, but will be able to have treatment in my city 🙂

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4 Months after the 2nd Stem Cell Transplant

4 months post-Stem Cells: This is Judi, the girl with MS, the weak, fatigued girl who 1.5 years ago could barely stand up. This girl hibernated in her house more often than not. 2 Adult Stem Cells Treatments later: Thursday-light water aerobics, then lunch and work, followed by dinner with the girls and then gathering with the boys by the pool. Friday-paperwork, cleaning, Home Depot to chose paint colors, meet the kids for dinner. Saturday-intensive cleaning and detail the house and then dinner with the neighbors. Sunday-Host a Wedding Shower and then party till 1AM with friends. Monday-up early to enjoy the “cold front” and then hit the exercise room for 1 hour. Was this possible before? Not even….


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