Saturday December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011 lecoqjudi

I am in Panama!!! This is so exciting. I took an early morning flight to Houston and then on to Panama. I arrived just before 2pm and went straight to the store. My driver came in the store with me just in case I needed any help. Frankly, I really could have done it myself but he was not going to let me out of his sight! After shopping, I met William Dunne, the owner of Consierge Services Panama, at my condo building. I am shocked at how lovely this place is. The Meridian Hotel built these as a part of the hotel and decided to turn this attached building into condos. I am on the 33rd floor and have a view of the bay, the Pacific Ocean, the Old City etc….It is really stunning. William was able to get me a tremendous deal….the painting and redecorating was postponed so that I could pay a reasonable price. No Problem!!! I am tired and I will do all my cooking tomorrow. I want to make food and put some in the freezer. I probably did not buy enough, but I dont really eat a lot and so we will see. For the moment, I am “installed”. More tomorrow.:) PS. A good sign…the Senior Doctor from the Stem Cell Institute was on my flight from Houston to Panama!!! I think this is so cool!!!!


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