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Monday, January 30, 2012

When I first got back from France, I was very concerned that my latest STEM CELL TREATMENT was for naught…I was just 4 weeks out from treatment and I was totally exhausted when we arrived home. So here we are 3 weeks later and I am starting to feel like me again. In fact, I am beginning to feel like I am supposed to feel after a Stem Cell Treatment-the energy boost is coming back! I am not all the way there yet, but I have a renewed sense of optimism. Here is a small example of the real Judi….I have a true love of taking care of my home. Most of this month since returning, I just didnt have the “Je ne sais quoi” (literally: I dont know what) the strength or even the interest to water my plants or wash the window where the dogs put their little noses. Yesterday, the interest and the force came creeping back. Today, I felt it for half the day. This means that the Stem Cells are still active, which says to me: the possibilty of more repairs 🙂

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January 21, 2012

I have not posted for a while, please forgive me!! I think I have worn myself out with all the travelling. I have spent the last 2 weeks feeling extremely fatigued, but I think I JUST turned the corner, and a lot of it was mental. First of all, the location of the lipo was my abdomen and I was warned that it would be a long road to healing. I saw my neurologist this week to make sure that there was not an infection going on. Everything is fine. He told me that when the tube is inserted and the fat is being extraced, little nerve endings get damaged (they WILL heal). Getting those stem cells is the name of the game here and so I will endure however long it takes for the healing to happen. I think I will probably have at least another month or so. As far as the fatigue goes, the pain is surely a factor. I am just at the beginning of the magical time when the stem cells start to make changes, so patience is in order. I will keep you posted. Thank you for following my story!

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Back in the USA! January 11, 2012

If you saw or heard about the negative 60 minutes reportabout Stem Cells , do not be concerned. There is lots of evidence to show that the people that were interviewed were lying. 60 minutes is sponsored in part by Pfizer. The pharmaceutical giant would seriously be impacted financially if people used less drugs because of Stem Cells and the repairs they can make. So this whole report was slanted and probably corrupted. How can the USA move forward into the future of medicine with this kind of crap going on? THIS is why I go to Panama.

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January 3, 2012

I left Panama on the 17 December, full of stem cells. On the 24, I took a flight to France and I have been on the run ever since. Without Stem Cells on board, this would have been tough. My legs seem much stronger and I sense an improvement in my balance. Is it possible that Stem Cells really like french cheese? If so, they must be extremely happy right now!

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