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June 29th, 2012 Update…First full day back!

I knew what was going to happen after this latest Stem Cell Treatment. And it is REAL. This is my first full day back and I am the energizer bunny. I have been up and going since 8am and have accomplished so much. I have exercised, cleaned, paid bills, laundry, watered all the flowers outside, taken care of my poor Minnie Me (old dogs need lots of attention) and I am still going strong. So I know that the amount of time I will have this marvel is unknown, but somewhere around 8-9 months is when this normally ends. It can be a shorter time based on circumstances. That is why it is called a treatment rather than a cure. When the Doctors and Scientists figure out how to make it last, we can call it a cure. Hope eberyone is having a great day!

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Judi’s Update Engish/Francaise June 26, 2012

Judi’s Update English/Francaise June 26, 2012

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Judi’s Update, June 25, 2012

This update is dedicated to my friend Patrick Marino who died today. He was an MS warrior.

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June 15, 2012

So many of you have shared your stories, your current state of health, the difficulties of everyday life, we have laughed and cried together and I feel very honored to have been included in your lives.  Two years ago, I started an amazing journey that would change my life in so many ways, an Adult Stem Cell Journey.  Today, I am in pretty good shape mentally and physically.  I am not going to tell… you it is perfect, but Stem Cells have made some repairs to damaged Myelin that I never, ever dreamed possible.  I have been thinking about this so much, the fact that I have escaped so much of what MS can bring.  Is it the Stem Cells?  Is it the Food Choices?  Is it the Homeopathic Medicine?  Is it the Supplements?  In all fairness, I made my treatment choices 15 years ago for Secondary Progressive MS.  I think my choices changed my disease path…there are so many symptoms that I just do not have. Hearing about them can bring me to tears, I am so sad that anyone has to suffer so much.  When I look at the story of Dr. Terry L. Wahls, I do believe that this MS boat, BARGE, can be turned around.  And obviously, I believe in Stem Cells.  After the best discussion, I have zeroed in on the repairs I hope to see from this upcoming Stem Cell Treatment. (even one of these would totally rock)  1) Balance  2)  Right foor drop foot  3)  Nerve/Myelin Repair to the Hip Flexor Muscles.  I will surely keep you posted. Thank you for the gift of your friendship,  Judi



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