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July 27, 2012 Update

Oh My Gosh…IT’S HOT!!!!      Earlier in the summer I took a little turn on the boat with family and friends.  I was having fun AND testing my heat tolerance.  It was clear that the Stem Cell Treatments had given me the ability to be in the heat to about 90 degrees.  This was and is a big victory.  Today, I pushed the envelope a little further…it is really really hot today and there I was out on the lake.  This morning the temperature was somewhere around 95, maybe a little less.  No go.  We stopped for lunch and I was having more trouble walking etc.  I have to recognize my limits.  Changes are very subtle and sometimes it is hard to be content with what is and not want more immediately.  Air Conditioning…I love you ♥


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Judi’s Video Update July 17, 2012


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Progress! July 17, 2012

Here we go…the Stem Cells have poked up their little heads and shown me my first developement!!  For many years now, it is clear that the nerves to the hip flexor muscle on my right side have been damaged.  The result of this damage is the inability to lift my right leg when walking.  This morning, and I tested it several times, I was able to lift my right leg to walk like it should.  This comes and goes, but clearly a connection is being made…a repair is in progress!!  I will keep you posted 🙂  Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

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